What's the Route? 28 Day Road Trip Travel Stops

Twenty-eight days and a final destination that is over 1,700 miles away. The budget is $75 per day all in for 2 of us (my friend Brandee, who will also be blogging here, and myself) to travel. The idea of this entire adventure causes a myriad of emotions to flow through my veins. Everything from panic, and anxiety to joy, excitement and gratitude and everything in between. The more I have talked with the people in my life about this trip the calmer I have become about it and the more I can focus on the details of the trip. As the fear subsides, and I connect with my true intention of the adventure, the route has become more clear to me.

Although the final destination is Bar Harbor, Maine, that’s really just a place to “turn around” and come home. There is a reason that this is the turning point and the “destination”, and it’s all because of the items on my bucket list.  In any case, this particular adventure is about a journey that is going to take us off the beaten path and allow us to meet new people. One of the things that I am looking forward to the most is the opportunity to really connect with myself and meet and learn about as many people as possible.

In order to maximize our experience we have decided that we want to limit driving time each day. These road trip travel stops are designed to keeps us in the parameters of 4-6 hours of drive time each day.

The Road Trip Travel Stops

We will be departing from Sioux Falls, SD on October 30th around noon and the plan is to follow this route:

10/30/19: Traer, Iowa

10/31/19: Indiana Dunes National Park and Michigan City, Indiana

11/01/19:  South Bend, Indiana /Detroit, Michigan

11/02/19: Detroit, Michigan

11/03/19: Cleveland, Ohio

11/04/19: Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio / Overnight in Buffalo, New York

11/05/19: Niagara Falls, New York / Oakfield, New York

11/06/19: Utica, New York

11/7/19: Burlington, Vermont

11/8/19: Augusta, Maine

11/09/19: Stonington, Maine

11/10/19: Stonington, Maine

11/11/19: Swanville, Maine

11/12/19: Ipswitch, Massachusetts

11/13/19: Ipswitch, Massachusetts

11/14/19: Malden, Massachusetts

11/15/19: Newport, Rhode Island

11/16/19: New Haven, Connecticut

11/17/19: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

11/18/19: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

11/19/19: Harrisonburg, Virginia

11/20/19: Harrisonburg, Virginia

11/21/19: Morgantown, West Virginia

11/22/19: Cynthiana, Kentucky

11/23/19: Cynthiana, Kentucky

11/24/19: Cynthiana, Kentucky

11/25/19: Saint Louis, Missouri

11/26/19: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This is just a tentative plan and is subject to change at any time for any reason. I love getting recommendations and suggestions on places to visit or things to see along the way, so if you have any recommendations, please leave us a comment! Otherwise, follow along as we provide details of the experiences we have along the way. We will keep you updated on the accommodations, experiences, budget and menu planning the whole way.

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