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Never stop exploring!

There’s a Traveler IN YOU!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Welcome to Angie’s Awesome Adventures. I’m so excited that you’re here. That means you’ve found the right place! 

Imagine if I told you it’s possible and easy to see the places on your bucket list and create the memories you’ve been dreaming about on a shoestring budget. Would you call me crazy? Well I’m not, and I’ll show you how right here on Angie’s Awesome Adventures.

One of those passions has always been to travel the world. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunities that I have in life to do quite a bit of traveling but the more I do, the more I desire. I’ve also discovered that traveling is a dream for many people and it’s the price tag that holds people back.  What if I told you that traveling, seeing the world and having amazing experiences is affordable and accessible to you? 

Travel On A Budget?

If money were not in your way and you could create the travel memories you’ve been dreaming of, would you do it? Imagine yourself seeing the places on your bucket list and creating the memories you’ve been dreaming about. 

Imagine doing all on a shoestring budget and loving every minute of it. Now learn how you can step in to that life. Stop imagining and start living. I’ll show you how right here on Angie’s Awesome Adventures.

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Hello! I’m Angie, girl from a middle of nowhere rural USA town turned nomad. I love spaghetti, adventure, travel and exploring new places all while sharing in the journey with you. My goal is to bring people together through travel and inspire others to do the same using whatever resources they have available to them. Let’s explore our amazing world together!

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