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During the summer of 2018, I spent 2 weeks in Spain volunteering in a greyhound rescue centre. The rescue centre is called Scooby Medina, in Medina del Campo, and I stayed on site there in an en-suite room for a total of 20€ per night. This whole trip, including flights, cost me under £500 which I believe is a bargain.

You can read all about my trip here. 

My photos from the trip are also viewable here.

So how did I do it?

Airplane flying in the sky


First off were the flights, as I was only flying from England, it was relatively cheap and a short journey. I flew with easyjet which is known for being a bit of a nightmare, but it went smoothly for me. 

I recently discovered STA Travel who provides discounted flights, predominantly for students. However, it is worth having a look on there if you’re not a student to see if there is another discount that you’re eligible for. I also recommend comparing flight prices on! 

Travel to the Rescue Centre

The rescue centre was in the middle of nowhere! I had to fly into Madrid and then somehow make my way to Medina Alta Velocidad village, and from there to the rescue centre.

I travelled completely by public transport. I walked from the hotel I was staying in (admittedly, I splashed out a bit on the hotel, but you can stay in a hostel for almost nothing!) to the train station. I am really glad that I walked because I saw some musicians doing an incredible show and so many colours and sights.

It cost me around 8€ by train to get to the village. I can speak a limited amount of Spanish, so I struggled with the signs and announcements. The workers at the train station were incredible kind and generous so I reached my train with plenty of time to spare.

I had to get a taxi from the village to the rescue centre as it was a 21km away, and it cost me 25€ which is a little pricey for a budget trip, but the only way I could get there!


Salad in a bowl with tomatos, avocado, lettuce and beans

I had to feed myself for the next 2 weeks. We were provided a kitchen, a fridge and a cupboard to keep our food in. Our food shop was done on a weekly basis, so we had to be smart about what we bought and planning our meals.

I budgeted 35€ a week for food which was plenty, as Spain is reasonably cheap especially in the non-touristy areas. However, we did have to pay for water as the water there was very limited and not safe for consumption.

Other Expenses

I paid the bare minimum for travel insurance as it was a short amount of time and did not need any extra cover.

Due to the nature of this trip, there was not many other expenses that needed to be covered! We couldn’t eat out or get takeaways as it cost so much as we were so far out, and the rescue centre was pretty self-sufficient in regards to entertainment.

Overall Comments

I believe that Spain is a brilliant place to go on a budget. Especially if you stick to rural areas, you can get a full cultural experience and learn Spanish while you’re at it!

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