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Hello Winter Weather

Although Sharon sent us off well, we hit our fist patch of rough weather on our way to Michigan City. This threw off our plan slightly, but the plan, trip, and experiences are flexible so it was time to roll with it.  Brandee was a real trooper and drove through it all, the wind, snow, ice and rain. I would have driven it if needed but a secret between you and me? I’m so glad she was behind the wheel so I didn’t have to be.

The weather being what it was, it was not conducive to stopping, sightseeing or visiting anything naturey so we headed straight to our couchsurfing hosts house. Eileen and her niece Mag were waiting for us to go shopping. We hopped in with them and headed out to the local outlet mall. Although I’m not a coffee drinker, I did hit Starbucks up for a warm drink. Brrrr…

The Sights of Michigan City

Eileen showed us around town, where the beach was, the casino, the little downtown area, the original cobblestone roads and the best places to eat. It was fun to get a tour of the town from someone local. It was rainy, cold and pretty windy so we didn’t stop but it was a cute town worth seeing. Here is a site that has some different ideas to help you plan a visit that’s right for you. Given our timeline we didn’t allow ourselves much time to really explore any of the sights except for our plan to visit the park. 

Photo in our Halloween costumes

Evening Entertainment In Michigan City

After getting back to her place, we sat down to enjoy dinner together. Brandee had made a Thai pasta salad for dinner to share with Eileen and Mag.

Eileen had some wine that she offered to share with me which started the fun for the evening. I’m not a big consumer of alcoholic beverages, but a drink or two occasionally makes the to do list and tonight seemed to be the night. So the wine came out, the food was dished up and then there was a knock at the door. 

Eileen’s friend Sarah came over all decked out for Halloween and in the mood to party and dance. So a few Moscow Mules later, a makeover and impromptu costumes completed, Eileen, Sarah and I headed out to scare up some Halloween fun. Alcohol does not have a place in the budget for this trip but with a bartender mix-up I scored myself a free Irish Mule while we were out.

The costume party was great and although Sarah’s costume was a contender for the best costume in the place, she didn’t win. Dancing the night away with new friends and not spending a dime was worth every penny.

Brandee and Mag in the kitchen

Brandee stayed at the house with Mag. They enjoyed a relaxing evening in cuddling with the cat and dog while getting to know each other. Life is all about the relationships we build and that was one of the intentions for this trip was to create experiences and make new connections. Last night was a win for everyone.

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