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Are you going a little stir crazy tucked away at home, whether with your family or by yourself? You’re not alone! I thought a guide on how to have some fun while self-quarantining would be just what the doctor ordered. Think of it as an at home staycation. I know that a staycation usually means staying in town, not in your house. Still, it can be as much fun, if not more, to plan an in-home staycation. Here’s my easy 2 step process to planning the ultimate staycation while practicing social distancing.

Vision Board

Step number 1...Have a vision

If you had unlimited resources to create the perfect day for yourself, what would that look like? Would you go to the spa? Lay on the beach drinking fruity rum drinks? Go on a hiking adventure? Would you go out of your way to eat any particular food? Grab a pen (or a pencil) and a sheet of paper and start dreaming. Describe your perfect day.

Sometimes our personal vision of a perfect day does not match with that of our partner, or with our family. That’s OK. The good news here is that your staycation is going to last more than one day. You’ll have the opportunity to repeat this process as many times as you want which means each member of the family can create their own vision.

Have fun with this process.

This is permission to put no limits on your imagination. Treat it like an empowering exercise meant to make you feel good. Remember when you were a child and played pretend? Or now that you are a parent watching your child play pretend? Put yourself back in that state of mind.

No lie, there are no limits to this exercise. It feels good to dream and even better to let it out and get in touch with what you desire. Even if you don’t have everything you need to create that day to the fullest extent, there will be some part of it that you can create. Go full out and dream big. Please. You owe it to yourself and to the world! Go on. I’ll wait.

Now that we have that out of the way it’s time to implement.

Step number 2...Bring your vision to life!

Read through what you wrote down. Keep your imagination tuned in and turned up while reading and think about ways to bring your ideas to life. Here are six examples of ideas to include in your staycation and how to create them.

This list is not all inclusive. It’s meant to be a springboard to get your own creativity flowing. The point is to have fun. We are facing unprecedented times. Let’s navigate that uncharted territory with some fun. As Van Wilder would say, “Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you very far.” Instead, let’s find a fun a cure for the boredom and raise our spirits in the process. Collectively, we have spent a lot of time in worry and anxiety lately. 

 Instead, let’s find a fun a cure for the boredom and raise our spirits in the process.

“Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you very far.”  – Van Wilder

Have a spa day

Set up a room in your house to be a spa. Bring out your mirrors, hair accessories, make-up, nail polish and massage oils. Find some relaxing music and let that play softly in the background, as it would be in a spa or meditation room.

Spend the day pampering yourself. Remember, no one else is going to see you. Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and get started.

Want a facial? Go ahead and put cucumbers over your eyes with a face mask on and relax on the couch while it sets. If you’ve been feeling stressed and anxious, this may do wonders for relaxation. Let the soothing sounds of music from the playlist you found on Spotify provide extra relaxation.

Thinking that a mani/pedi is more like it? Soak your feet, use that massage oil and pamper yourself with a massage. Sit back, relax and treat yourself like the amazing human being that you are! And for added fun, after your done at the spa you can get dressed for date night.

Man making dinner

Date Night

Whether your single, in a relationship or have a family to care for during this time, it’s important to take time for yourself. Plan a date night in with your significant other, OR take yourself on a date. Put your hair up, and put your dancing shoes on. Prepare your favorite meal as part of your date and make it fun and relaxing. You could even try something new that you’ve always wanted to make but never found time for.

After dinner, turn the music up and practice your dance moves on the kitchen floor. You just had a spa treatment, remember? Now, you’re wearing clothes that make you feel fabulous right? If you’re brave enough, go ahead and make a video and post it on Facebook (or TikTok). It’ll change your mood, push you outside your comfort zone and provide hope and positivity to those that need it during this time.

Go camping.. In your own living room

Yep, you heard right. Get out the blankets, pillows and chairs. Make a blanket fort, sit inside and play a game, watch a movie or eat a meal. Hang out and have some fun, make some memories that will last a lifetime. It’s OK to let go of the idea that you have to be all adult all the time. Cut loose, use your imagination and enjoy your camping experience. Then, go outside, fire up the grill (or fire pit if you’re in a place that allows it) and make some s’mores. While you’re at it, spend some time looking at the starts and see how many constellations you can find.

Butterfly sculpture in downtown Sioux Falls

Go on a driving tour of your town or city

Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t get in your car and go for a drive. There’s been campaigns to help show solidarity and show support across the country. Drive around to look at the sidewalk art done by children going stir crazy at home. See how many teddy bears you can find in windows of houses. If that’s not what’s going on in your area, look up the way your city and state are coming together during the shelter in place orders, then go out to experience that.

If that fails, find a spot in nature that allows for a scenic drive and enjoy the views. Or you could even seek out the nearest outdoor art exhibit and enjoy the view as you drive by and look, all while tucked safely in your car. Pack a lunch and a blanket and eat lunch sitting on the hood of your car someplace quiet.

Starfish, seas salt, oils and towels on a blue table

Hang out at the beach

Maybe the beach is more your scene? I know that’s the case for me. I love the beach! Download an app on your phone that will play the sounds of the beach as white noise in the background. Turn the heat up, fix yourself a cocktail (or mocktail), and put on your suit.

You now have all the elements you need to imagine yourself sitting on a gorgeous white sand beach someplace tropical. But, if you want to make it better, grab your sunglasses, that book you’ve been meaning to read and the brightest lamp you can find. These “extras” can help you feel like you’re really there.

Learn something new

Does your ultimate day/vacation includes being in a country that speaks another language? Take a course to learn the language, if you’re reading this you probably have the free time to indulge like that now. You’ll be able to internalize how it feels to go to the country and speak a new language. If a language course isn’t your cup of tea, there are other options. How about taking a course on the history or current culture of the place that you would like to visit? In any case, do something to help you feel what it feels like to be on that vacation you’re imagining.

Are you an aspiring artist? Crafter? Writer? Take a course. Internalize the feeling of being the person you want to be on the trip that you want to be on. Even if you can’t go anywhere now, you can shift the state of mind that you are in. You do this by putting yourself there in your imagination.

One of the most important things that we can do for ourselves, others that we care about, and the world in general right now is keep our vibration in the highest state possible. We do this by focusing our attention on the right things and letting go of the things that bring our spirits down. Whatever that looks like for you, I encourage you to find it. Go inside yourself for answers and have fun along the way.

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  1. jenlooksandcooks

    These are really great tips thank you! I like the idea if date night – I’ve been cooking a lot so I might as well go the extra step 🙂 Hope you’re staying healthy and safe.

    1. Angie

      You too and yes, we do this and plan something to do together in or around the house after dinner. Maybe playing a game or working on a puzzle.

  2. Nyxie

    I can’t wait to have a spa day here! I’ve ordered some essentials and had some salts lying around.
    I’ve been doing a tour of my village. We’re allowed out for 1hour of exercise a day and I’ve been exploring all the places that I didn’t know existed.

    1. Angie

      I love this. It feels so good to pamper yourself and practice some self-care

  3. Krysten Quiles

    I’m definitely learning to live more simply. It’s hard but kind of freeing at the same time? Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

    1. Angie

      That so great! It can feel hard to get started but it feels so good when there’s open space in your home and you can just enjoy the moment as it’s happening.

  4. Lynda Hogan

    Some great ideas here. We’ve been on voluntary self isolation since the end of February. Thankfully we are still allowed go out in nature if we can practice social distancing, so a lot of our day is spent in nature. Its great for body, mind and soul. Rumor has it Japan will go on lock down so, so I will have to get adventurous with four kids stuck indoors all day everyday!

  5. A date night with a very nice meal would be so great! Or a spa day! How relaxing would that be! Can’t wait for this to be over.

  6. Amber Myers

    These are some great ideas! I love the idea of a spa day. I’ve been reading a lot and trying to declutter!

    1. Angie

      That’s a really productive use of time. I’ve been doing quite a bit of that too.

  7. Passion Piece

    I love these ideas, as they can make this hard time more fun. Although, not sure if it can be enough if the staycation lasts for a few months! Hope it won’t be that long!

  8. Tara Pittman

    I like these ideas. I am using this time to teach my kids life skills

  9. I just got home from a random drive around town with my sons. We drove to the beach and back. It was too cold and windy to stay and walk. But it was nice to see a change of scenery.

    1. Angie

      I’m jealous. I’m nowhere near the beach so I have to use my imagination. The beach is my all time favorite place to be!

  10. chad

    Amazing tips…We’ve been quarantined for about 20 days and it is not that bad, we’re spending out time working, cooking and reading…

  11. Jessica Joachim

    We have been spending a lot of time outside in the back yard lately. I need to do a camping trip into the living room, I think the kids would love it!

    1. Angie

      That one is great for the kids. They love it when we play pretend with them like that.

  12. these are great tips to keep ourselves busy at home! thank you for sharing! I love to read more and learn new skills. This is what Im doing right now. <3

  13. Kelly

    I love the idea of camping in the living room! If the weather is nice outside this weekend, I wouldn’t mind setting up a tent and really do it right!!

    1. Angie

      That’s a great idea. It’s still too chilly here but hopefully soon!

  14. blair villanueva

    These are amazing ideas. I wish we can go to the nearby beach, but here in Victoria we are not allowed.

  15. Kelly

    I loved stumbling onto your site. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions lately. I’m going to try one or more of these!

    1. Angie

      If you need to talk, please send me an email. I’m also a certified heart centered transformational life coach and right now there’s a lot of people that need support. I’m offering free sessions for anyone that needs to talk.

  16. Julie Ann

    Great ideas here. We are fans of staycation anyway. I live one block from the beach, our private beach….as long as we stay far away from other people we’ll be enjoying it this summer. I’m really looking forward to getting our boat out!

    1. Angie

      Ok, I might be a bit jealous of that! That’s so awesome that you have that and can take advantage of it during this time of seclusion. Thanks for checking out my post!

  17. Sophia

    I am really trying to make the most of it. It is really hard but the key to staying sane is to make sure to stay busy. It’s actually nice to slow down for a bit. Hope you are well!

    1. Angie

      I am, and I don’t mix my coaching in to this particular blog much but right now with the isolation I am also letting you know that I am a life coach and if you need someone to talk to during this time, I’m available and offering a coaching session at no charge to anyone that needs it. No sales pitches or anything, just a session to help if you’re in need right now.

    1. Angie

      You’re welcome and blessings an health to you and your family!

  18. Poojakawatra

    I really like the ideas and thinking to do all of them at some point to make full use of lockdown situation.

  19. Cindy Ingalls

    You reminded me I haven’t done my vision board for this year yet!

    1. Angie

      There’s no better time. I love creating vision boards. It’s so motivating.

  20. Candace Hampton

    I really like the driving tour idea! I live in Dallas and there is so much history here I haven’t explored. I will have to do that soon, because I am seriously cooped up! Thank you for these ideas.

    1. Angie

      You’re Welcome! I haven’t spent a lot of time in Dallas but there really was a lot of cool stuff to see in drive by fashion!

  21. Cora Beth

    Great ideas! I have fond memories of setting up a tent in our living room when I was a little girl. We had SO much fun “camping”!!

    1. Angie

      I love it. Me too, we used to do this all the time when we were little.

  22. Cindy

    Great ideas! I am hoping real travel will be in our future soon.

    1. Angie

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  23. Beth Shields

    Good suggestions. Thanks so much. I like the spa treatment and the vision board – maybe the other way around. In any case, giving action to these times is so important. Thanks.

    1. Angie

      I’d love to see your vision board after it’s done!

  24. Tiffany Gunther

    These are great ideas! I love that you’re making the most out of this time. It’s a great time to bond with family in unique ways!

    1. Angie

      I agree. Making the most of the time and keeping your mindset in the right place will help you come out the other side stronger!

  25. christina

    I love these ideas for this crazy time! Beach day sounds really fun, my kids would love that! A spa day with my two girls also sounds great. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Angie

      I hope that works out. Have fun with either.. or both!

  26. Casandra

    We have been thinking about having a camping night at home so I should really make that happen, My kids would love it!

    1. Angie

      Some of the best memories can be made doing things like this.

  27. Lisa

    Such excellent tips! We hear about camping in the driveway, backyard, etc., but not the living room. We love that idea!!

    1. Angie

      Thank you! Here it’s still too cold to camp outside, at least for me. Living room camping it is!

  28. Holly

    I love the fun and positive things you share to do in this post! I think you are so right about staying busy and positive and we all can get through this together!

    1. Angie

      Yes, we are all in this together. We need to learn from each other during this time. Thanks for reading!

  29. Jane

    All great ideas and I love it especially the spa day. We all need our little “me” time even just at home.
    The drive around town is a pretty cool idea as well just get some fresh air.

    1. Angie

      Yes we do!

  30. Stephanie

    A spa day sounds amazing! Want my kids for the day? 😜 thanks for the fun list.

    1. Angie

      Ha ha. Sometimes I do wish I had some littles running around but I certainly feel for all the parents right now. I know 24/7 without a break can be challenging.

  31. Martine

    Thanks for these nice tips! I love the idea of creating a “life vision” through collage, hope to get to that, any day soon. You inspired me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Angie

      I’m so glad to hear that. Thanks for reading!

  32. Tiffany

    These sound fun! Looking for ideas cause there are only so many movies I can watch!

    1. Angie

      I hope I gave you some inspiration!

  33. Adrienne

    Great tips to keep this crazy time we are in fun and enjoyable!

  34. I LOVE these idea! Any suggestions on getting boring teenagers to join in. I’m pretty positive they will give me a dumb answer like their dream day is sleeping the whole day or uninterrupted phone time. 😝

    1. Angie

      That sounds typical. Vision boards are fun! I’ve done a lot of them with teenagers. You may be surprised.

  35. Lucy

    these are some awesome ideas! i especially like the date night at home idea, something we have yet to try!

  36. LaTersa Denise

    These are some great things do really for anytime but now more than ever. Thanks for sharing

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