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Detroit Skyline from the Car

Are We There Yet?

It is definitely time for a driving break. Does driving make anyone else tired? It seems to be exhausting, even when we’re only driving a few hours per day. Luckily, I planned for that and we stayed put in Detroit for 2 nights. This was intentional to give ourselves a chance to see more and to recoup from the first few days on the road. 

I’m genuinely surprised at the myriad of emotions that both Brandee and I have had since hitting the road. It hasn’t even been a week yet and I’ve already been hit with a pretty good bout of homesickness. I have a feeling that my boyfriend is a large part of the reason for this. I guess significant others can have that effect on you, huh? This is Brandee’s first time ever traveling so far from home. She’s experiencing some homesickness too.

On the bright side, there’s plenty to see and do to keep our minds occupied and engaged. Our full day in Detroit was busy and more importantly, filled with fun and excitement.

Tea and Honey

Starting the Day off Right

Sleeping in was at the top of the agenda, so we did. Well, Brandee did. I still woke up plenty early. Only 4 days in and it’s become apparent that I am a morning person and she is not. Since I woke up before her, I joined Marc and Michelle, our couchsurfing hosts in Detroit, for some morning tea. Yum. 

Marc had offered to give Brandee a massage during our visit. While we were having tea, he decided it would only be fair to offer me one as well. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I mean, it was a massage and I’ve been spending maximum hours in the car. Two and a half hours later I felt amazing. Relaxed and recharged, it was time to head out to see what the city had to offer.

The Sights Of Detroit

Our first stop was the Eastern Market. This is the largest open air market in the United States. It has been in operation for more than 150 years. All I can say is samples, samples, samples. Brandee was in heaven because she was surrounded all the goodness of a farmers market that goes on for blocks. I was just as occupied taking in the sights of the abandoned buildings and the intricate street art that seemed to be everywhere.

Brandee was stopped at a booth visiting with the vendor when I happened to find the Greenleaf Turkey booth. The lady that was working there was very friendly and was flaunting some delicious turkey burgers. I know this because she was handing out samples while explaining to me that the samples were the best part of the market. If you do make it to the Eastern Market, be sure to stop by and try her food. You won’t regret it.

Belle Isle State Park in Detroit

Belle Isle State Conservancy made the list of must see items in Detroit. We hit both the aquarium and botanical gardens. Both of these were really cool to see and as an added bonus, since it was the off season, there wasn’t even a park entrance fee. 

The aquarium had some unique fish and plenty of opportunities to learn about the effect of plastic on the environment. There were both facts on the signs as well as art projects on display that were made from the plastics fished out of the water.

The botanical gardens is a mainly indoor greenhouse so regardless of the time of year, you’ll be toasty warm checking out the greenery here. Brandee also enjoyed this part of the day because she loves learning about the plants that can support her dream of sustainable off-grid living. It was inspirational for her to see new types of plants that can be grown in a greenhouse to support her dream of self-sustainable living. 

We spent about 2 hours at the park but could have spent a lot more time there. There is plenty more to see and do here, especially in the warmer months or even in the colder months if you’re dressed appropriately.

The Heidelberg Project

We weren’t in a hurry  to leave the park, but we did have another stop on our list before heading back the house.

Heidelberg Project here we come. This was a recommendation from Marc and Michelle and was my favorite part of the day’s adventure. The Heidelberg Project started in 1986 and is a huge outdoor art project that was started by a gentleman named Tyree Guyton. This art project was made out of items that he found in the abandoned houses in his neighborhood and whatever else he came across that in his artistic vision. It was a sight to behold and in my opinion, a trip to Detroit would not be complete without a stop here. 

We finished up this stop just in time to miss getting rained on. The rain started while we were driving and we caught a beautiful view of the city through the mist.

Picture of us with our Hosts

Once we returned for the evening it was tater tot hot dish for dinner, great conversation and several rounds of Splendor for the rest of the night. Three cheers for Detroit!

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